PKD – the VALIS trilogy

I completed reading ‘VALIS’, a novel by SCI-FI author, Philip K. Dick

What a crazy read, and i use the term crazy with the utmost respect. I resonated with this story of spiritual, schizophrenia, intrigue, mystery, fear, love, excess and delusion.

I found it quite difficult to begin with, but as I got further in, the story unfolded. After a bit of googling and research, it seems that the story is sem-autobiographical, and with that knowledge, I feel humbled and in awe of Philip K. Dick’s writing prowess.

Maybe we all need a ZEBRA moment to set us free . . . ?

Check out whats new on the PKD scanner:
Another new film based on one of Dick’s stories
A Scanner Darkly. Seems this one will be *very* interesting to watch.

Having only read The Man in the High Castle, and a short story of his whose title eludes me at this time. I recommend you check out as much of his as you can … unique writing. I love it, I can’t wait to start on more, though I think I will need a bit of a break before I can continue with the VALIS trilogy.

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  1. Tim Plester says:

    yeah, he’s pretty good that k. dick fella.
    been meaning to read more of him myself.

  2. well worth it .. Started reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” .. can’t keep thinking that those mood organs or like binaural beats :)

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