Active Projects

Since May 2011 I have been co-organising the London Titanium User Group, in 2012 I took over the running of the group. Apart from the monthly meetups, the next major project will be Titanium AppCamp unconference/hackathon mashup which will be hosted in the Mozilla Space, London 1-3 February 2013

Freelancing with Multizone to deploy a mobile solution for the Surrey Police social media application using Appcelerator's Titanium Platform

Working with Stereo Data Maker - a syncronised digital stereoscopic camera rig. Exploring its uses and have some ideas for a createive project that will involve stereoscopic images.

3D Pictures ! - I have a long standing fascination with stereoscopic imaging. Grab your red/cyan specs and view some of sterescopic pictures .. enjoy.
PS - I've been hacking a small php5 curl driven class to talk to the flickr API so I can retrieve these images, for the code hungry you can look at the source from github

I play Bass Guitar with "Freakshow", an indie rock band that I used to play with back in the 90's. We have a small and simple EP available on Bandcamp right now.

If you'd like to donate any funds towards any of my open source development or to help towards purchase of equipment with ongoing projects, please use the paypal option below.