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ISU looms

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

So I’ve been rushing around like carazy these past couple of months… whats new ?? Well the International Sterescopic Union congress is next week. check out the ISU website

So there will be an international 3d presence happening locally, which has got be very excited, between feverously taking 3d images, i’ve been busy at work, trying to make some sens of the SiteCode project, but it will have to take a backseat whilst I immerse myself in 3d projections for a week!

My photography skills are coming along, I just ordered a set of IT8 targets from which should hopefully accompany my newwst purcahse a Minolta Dimage 5400 Elite Scan II ! I’ve even hacked one of the slide carriers so it can accept RBT stereo slide mounts.

All looking good so far.

I had better get back to scannning and work, as i’ve still got to wear my new hiking boots in for next week !