English Language with English Subtitles

A friend of mine, Tim Plester invited me along to his debut film shoot as a director a couple of weeks back, it was fun to be back on set. I’ve been along to two film shoots of his, where his role has been the writer and actor. These two shorts were entitled “Ant Muzak”, a comedy pop short and “Blakes Juntion 7″ a comedy sci-fi short. In both films I offerred my services as an extra, and enjyed the team experience of being on long shoots.

Well I took some stereo photographs and filmed some “behind the scenes” footage for Tim. I’ll see if I can post up some of the stereo images later. I’ve just been a bit tied up with Spirit Quest work since I submitted my dreaded taxes last month.

Check out his blog, and Image Gallery, a lot to see from his varied and very interesting carreer.

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