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Movember Madness

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

So over the past couple of years, i’ve known acquaintances to take part in the facial hair male health fundraising social media month long marathon of… growing a moustache. Yes its called “Movemeber” and it its aim is to raise funds and awareness surrounding male health, primarily focussed on prostate and testicular cancer. And each year, I miss the 1st Nov start date, so this year round, here I am fully awake, aware and ready to contribute.

It made more sense for there to be some form of community around this, so I started a team “Reading Geeks” and blasted a note out on twitter for people to join, so.. we have 3 members in our team – (please donate to the team or us individually).

My first day, clean shaven.

My first day, clean shaven.

I think the initiatives are good, and through a sens of fun we can help raise some deeper awareness, I am a little apprehensive about growing a moustache as I’ve never, in all my years on this rock, grown a tash! So this is most definitely a new experience.

I’m planning on recording a still ata least 2-3 times a day in the effort of timelapsing the process. Key question is what kind of tash do you think will work for me , Dali, Western, Handlebars … open to suggestions.

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