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Digital Economy Bill – Insane Law

Friday, April 9th, 2010

There has been a huge surge and outcry at the pushing through of the Digital Economy Bill through parliament which was today made law!

This insane practice by the UK government, from pressure via Music Industry lobbyists has shown how corrupt the current government and inept the Conservaties and Liberal Democrats are.

This week the term #debill has been trending on twitter globally as technology savvy individuals have seen through the wash up process and have tried to contact MPs in a plea, not to ignore that the digital infrastructure in britain needs attention, but that if you’re going to pass law on the digital world, then understand it, scrutinise it and listen to the people. None of this has happenned.

Protecting music Industry copyright has been the main driving force behind the bill’s passage and all the other issues around it will be collateral damage in making the bill a reality. It seems that even the MPs who’s stand directly behind it are ignorant to the technicalities of the internet itself.

Here are some links for you to see the absurdity for yourself :

Debilitated Internet Mashup – showing the stats / outcome of the Debacle

Christian Payne on BBC5 LIVE yesterday (start playing the show 1:06)

And read the / follow the hashtag #debill on twitter

I think the only solution here is for all labour and conservative voters to swing and vote for Lib Dems – I support the Green Party so if you want vote for them, but definitely do not vote for Labour or Conservative.