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Plants that can oxygenate your building TEDTalk

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

There is no excuse now, get planting .. I’m so excited about this, I’m going to try and get a few plants of the varieties mentioned in this talk to see if I can clean up the air at home / office.

We live in such an oxygen deprived society, anything we can do / grow / encourage a healthier lifestyle should be attempted.

A good excuse to use more of the compost we have :)

My Eco Wedding

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I recently got married and organised the wedding with my now wife, we wanted it to be as eco and green, so we decided on using as many Ethical Junction companies as we could for the the big day, there is a little write up about it on Ethical Pulse – the EJ members’ blog

Unfortunately the Eco Bass Guitar wasn’t ready in time, Simon Lee suffered to a biking accident that caused a smashed finger, putting him out of commission for a few weeks, however he is mending and the components are coming together, the Delano pickups have arrived.

Simon was able to join us at our Reception and got to see the band play live !

Sustainable Bass Guitar Project – part 2

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Eco Bass Guitar – Illustrator Overlay (A4)
Originally uploaded by spiritquest

I received some sketches of the body shape this week, I’m really liking the new headstock design.

I will probably need to do some research on the ergonomics of guitars myself, along with some alterations to help find a shape that I’m totally comfortable with.

I always have issues with the Gibson Grabber Copy that I play, especially with its wide bottom end !

Hoping to remedy that with this layout.

Sustainable Bass Guitar Project

Monday, March 30th, 2009

It was on a impromptu trip to the London Music Show in 2007 that did 2 major things for me.

  1. It got me playing the bass with my old band again.
  2. I met Simon Lee, a guitar maker, and my road towards building a sustainable bass guitar was under way

Image courtesy of Simon Lee Guitar – Panola Bass Guitar (more…)

Earth Hour 2008

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Earth Hour colours
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We took part in Earth Hour today.

Between the hours of 8-9pm, we shut off all non-essential electrical appliances / lights. This initiative is being run throuh the WWF and originally started out in Sydney.

Check out

I had planned to use my wind up Freeplay Radio (the Original Design, I’ve had it for over 10yrs) and it went mad just before 8, and kept unwinding itself at warp speed, creating an uncomfortable whizzing speeding up sound. It was as if it had been given a life of its own, and I thought it would explode !

What really happenned (I am guessing) Is that a spring mechanism or cog has gone inside, I will investigate tomorrow.

SO the evening was full of candles, a diff wind up radio playing classics accompanied by a nice home cooked Indian meal.

Very relaxing. I think as well as saving energy, this sort of activity helps to wean me off an unconscious dependence on technology and electricity.

It was nice !