Catching up, Cobwebs are forming

Flickr photo, I found of cobwebs with dew on them

Well I just never get round to updating this blog !

What with social networking, bad clients, and an avalanche of work, I’ve just been crap at getting any news posted.

So what’s been happening:

Well a lot really, but I’ll do a quick rundown of my most memorable events, then fill in the gaps and get to specifics later on.

Thanks Flock

  1. I just completed a quick photo shoot for The Chandeliers, Milla is playing bass, got some creative shots at their band practice, Sunday just gone.
  2. Ethical Junction is steaming forward, and there are some great ideas in the pipeline (lots of work), check out Ethical Pulse, there news blog
  3. I am going to breathe some new life into Spirit Quest (complete site redesign from the Ground Up, transcendent approach, thanks Andy)
  4. Band Practice, I’ve taken back to bass thumping again, and i’m loving it .. too much, apart from slicing my finger 2 weeks back, not too badly. We are making progress and should be gigging soon.
  5. I went to Shepperton Studios to cover a 3D day aimed at studios, this was a write up I will be doing for Film And Festivals Magazine, was interesting, and bumped into David Burder and Andrew Hurst (Stereocopic Society guys) whilst there.

They are the basics from my ether-sphere.

I promise to keep this updated …. :)


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