In Transit – Last Week

In Transit – Cast with Director
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During the Croydon all nighters, Anthony took a break from Rehearsal to come and meet me, I’d got his phone call a few days back, he has asked me if I was interested in creating a small soundscape for this piece of object dance theatre he was working on .. I said yeah!, of course.

I had some minidisc binaural sounds stashed away from a trip to NYC a couple of years back. So I repurposed a lot of that and created background noise sounds…

It was a little intense as I had to drag Anthony up to Reading after the Sat practice before going LIVE .. We had to complete the soudscape and cut the music tracks onto a CD so it was all in sequence .. it worked well in the end, and the performance was great, I found it surreal and engaging entering the mindscape of these two strangers communicating through movement ( I have never really seen dance theatre before), the smooth synchronised dance towards the end really locked these two individuals together for a brief moment, it was an interesting production into communication outside of language can be expressed and the airport setting made for interesting sound work. I really enjoyed it and would love to do some more soundwork in these kinds of productions . . who knows . . :)

I will certainly be going to see more dance on stage, thats for sure !

‘In Transit’ featured two dancers Noyale Colin and Myung Hee Han

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