Past Projects

Past Projects


Latitude Festival 2009 - Photographer
Film & Festivals Magazine
16th July 2009 - 19th July 2009

Sheep @ Latitude Festival 2009

Photography Assignment - Band and Location shots for upcoming publication of Film & Festivals Magazine
Stills Photographer - Way Of The Morris
Fifth Column Films, UK
26th April 2008


Tim Plester invited me to take some stills for his documentary I shot digital stills and a few 3D stereoscopic imagess. It involved using
Stills Photographer - The Chandeliers
Chandeliers - Band Stills, London
2nd Mar 2008 - 2nd Mar 2008
Stills Photographer - Slaphappy Short Film
Film Club, London
5th Dec 2007 - 5th Dec 2007

Slaphappy - 15 sec film festival - Still

Shooting stills for the production of 'Slaphappy' for the 15 second film festival - SlapHappy won best film.
Cover & Feature Article - Film & Festivals Magazine Autumn Issue 2007
Film & Festivals Magazine, UK
August 2007 - Oct 2007

Kris Marshall in 3D - Film & Festivals Cover

Was asked to write an article on 3D cinema and the future of it. Invovled a full feature article and the cover image of the issue - a 3D picture.

Mixing Jouranlistic &

Sound Artist - ReSound Exhibition
Re.projects, Stroud Valley Arts Centre
18th June 2004 - 20th June 2004
Demo - Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Spirit Quest, Finchley, London
18th June 1996 - 20th June 1996
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep is a demo tape - the first full demo I worked on solo. It was the culmination of 6 months locked up in a bedroom taking ideas and recording them with an analog 4 track tape unit.
3D Stills Photographer - World Of Wrestling
Film Club, Clapham, UK
18th June 2008 - 20th June 2008

Viewmaster World Of Wrestling Chip

A short film by Tim Plester and Ben Gregor, I took some stereoscopic still shots of the cast during a night shoot over the weekend.
Image Editing / Poster Designer - World Of Wrestling
Film Club, Clapham, UK
18th June 2008 - 20th June 2008

World Of Wrestling

A short film by Tim Plester and Ben Gregor, I helped process some of the photographic stills for the promotional poster and the top trumps involving photoshop / illustrator skills. The poster was created to be printed as A1
Sound Effects Designer - Yellow Longhair
The Focus Group, Oval Theatre, London, UK
June 7 2000 - July 1st 2000
A play by Tim Plester, involved the creation of sound effects for this theatre production. wind gun shots, horses. I was involved in the production and cueing of the effects.
Sound Production - Marylin & Bobby meet Johnny Audio Reading
The Focus Group, Big Top Studios, London, UK
June 7 2000 - July 1st 2000
The play written by tim plester, which was performed in xxxxx was broadcast for an anniversary web stream - we took the actors into a studio, and recorded the performance, which was later edited, mixed and then
Artist - Group Exhibition
East Finchley Open, Finchley, London, UK
July 2006


I had photographic prints and a sound installtion on display as apart of East Finchley Open's summer group exhibition