Earth Hour 2008

Earth Hour colours
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We took part in Earth Hour today.

Between the hours of 8-9pm, we shut off all non-essential electrical appliances / lights. This initiative is being run throuh the WWF and originally started out in Sydney.

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I had planned to use my wind up Freeplay Radio (the Original Design, I’ve had it for over 10yrs) and it went mad just before 8, and kept unwinding itself at warp speed, creating an uncomfortable whizzing speeding up sound. It was as if it had been given a life of its own, and I thought it would explode !

What really happenned (I am guessing) Is that a spring mechanism or cog has gone inside, I will investigate tomorrow.

SO the evening was full of candles, a diff wind up radio playing classics accompanied by a nice home cooked Indian meal.

Very relaxing. I think as well as saving energy, this sort of activity helps to wean me off an unconscious dependence on technology and electricity.

It was nice !

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