Vandal Lottery

I’ve been trying to regain a state of normality, the World Of Wrestling film shoot has left me feeling invigorated and wiped out, need to recharge my nickel-Metal Hydride power packs. So last night I decided to clean up the office desk that’s been neglected for a couple of weeks, I managed to retrieve a note that was left on my mobile phone that I’d scribbled onto a scrap of paper.

PC Birchall from Lincolnshire !!? I haven’t been up to Lincolnshire in over 10yrs !

This call had left me feeling a little disturbed, as this PC had called my mobile following up an investigation he was involved in, and my number was a lead in a case of vandalism in a small village ..

The thing is I couldn’t get in touch with the PC straight away, so I had no idea if this was just a wind up. What had transpired was that a house had been vandalised and my mobile number had been graffiti’d on the wall … ?!

He just tried the mobile number to se if it was real, asked me a few questions, the first being where do u live … .. surreal.

DON”T USE MY NUMBER if you’re going to graffitti it on a wall somewhere please.

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