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Camera Obscura [3D] anaglyph image

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

It’s Wedding Season, the busiest social time of the year it seems. I’m hoping that the weather holds and maintains some sense of rhythm, but I continue to hope.

It is also ‘Festival’ Season, and if you didn’t among the many popular festivals landmarked in peoples diaries, such as Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, Download, Womad etc .. there is a new one thats recently popped up on the scene … ‘Latitude‘ Festival.

I’m writing this up in the Press Tent, and its one of those experiences that i’m grateful for being given.

My key priorities for this weekend is to help get some shots together for Film & Festivals Magazine, but I also have the opportunity to try out my Stereo Data Maker Rig (Digital 3D Still camera) setup in a very LIVE context. I’m learning a lot.

There are some things that have worked, quite a few problems, but I’m adapting as much as possible and its a lovely festival thats very accessible to all, multi coloured sheep included.

I’ve not got long now to get my camera set up again and shuffle over to the main stage to grab some pictures of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. But I wanted to start this posting and intend to continue.

Festivals seem to also bring a luxury boutique element that is very different from my days of camping, comfy tents, showers and cash machines !

I’m quite exhausted, but mentally invigorated.

I’d like to come back.

A trip to Halesworth in July

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I’m taking a trip to Halesworth between July 18th and July 19th.

This is actually a journey, which was unexpected and also a great excuse to buy a new camera backpack. The mission was to get to the Latitude Festival 2009 – and grab pictures for the next issue of Film & Festivals Magazine.