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2010 – starting out in the new year

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

I had intended to draft a post over Christmas, but as usual the inevitable drama of visits and unwinding from a very hectic 2009 accelerated time.

As I type this, a lot has happenned and it makes me wonder about the pace of development we have all set ourselves, that and perception of time. What are we expecting in society and how much are we compelled to innovate.

The iPad was announced, Haiti sufferred a horrendous earthquake and pretty much the while of January has been spent developing and working on an intense project.

I’m currently travelling to London, building this post using an iPhone. The smartphone I resisted, but secretly desired, has been in my hands for little over 2 months now. It’s changed my whole mobile digital life. For all of its faults it remains an over used piece of digital communication and entertainment and for all its faults excels in usability and usefulness.

Key of all is that it syncs with all my Mac contacts and emails with little effort on my part, and has a whole host of useful and well designed applications that keep me plugged into the social media and my digital workflow. Apps for Basecamp, Podcasting, Blogging, Gaming, Music, Searching . The screen size and intuitiveness, plus its UI make it a hard device to top.

It was either the iPhone or an N900, but for usability and headache relief, I opted finally for the iPhone.