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TRON Disney Craft Kits

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Disney Family have a series of printable craft kits with a TRON-esque theme to them:

All kits are linkd as PDF files on this page:

You can print out and make 3D models of 3 types of lightcyles, recognizers and a whole bunch of other kits to keep you (i mean your kids) busy and immersed in the TRON vibe.

The lightcyle models look quite detailed and will need some patience to complete I imagine.

Thanks to @bleedingcool on twitter

Vegan French Toast Recipe

Monday, December 27th, 2010

I was let loose in the Kitchen over the xmas holidays. So the two main recipes I tinkered with were:

Vegan French Toast & Marinade Tofu slices (recipe coming soon).

The French toast was more a whim for breakfasts as we stayed over at my mums, and the Tofu slices were to accompany our veggie xmas dinner.

So I did some google searches and then modified  the recipes  that  I came across:

Vegan French Toast

Vegan French Toast cooking on a pan

Creates a vegan (egg free) mixture for 4 pieces of toast, great for a fried breakfast.

  • 2 Heaped tbsp Egg Replacer (or the equivalent of 2 eggs)
  • 1 tbsp of Gram Flour
  • ½ Banana
  • 1 Small Pinch of Salt
  • 4 Pinches Cinnamon
  • 2 Cups Soya Milk
  • 4 tbsp Sunflower Oil
  • 4 Slices of Bread
Preparation & Cooking time:

20 min

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and whisk thoroughly, make sure the banana is fully mashed. Use a fork or an electric whisk. It should be gloopy, no too thick though.

Dip a piece of bread into the mixture, one at a time then turn over, let it soak on each side for about 30-40 seconds, then place in another bowl propped up by a fork to let the excess mixture drip away. I usually cook one piece whilst another piece is soaking and ready for cooking.

Fry each dipped slice of bread on each side until golden all over ina frying pan. I use 1 tbsp oil for each piece of bread, serve with maple syrup or whatever you like!

TRON: Legacy – Review

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

This is a pretty spoiler-free review.

It’s been 22years since a movie that came from Disney inspired me at the possibilities that computing technology held for the future, not just in movies, but in the “Real World” too. That movie was of course TRON.

TRON: Legacy (the sequel to the original 1982 Cult classic) In Cinemas December 17 in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. It’s also generated quite a bit of buzz around itself.

Ever since the concept clip leaked at ComicCon a couple of years ago, the world gasped and held a breath in anticipation. It was going to be in 3D too, then we heard Daft Punk were attached. wow.

There is a lot riding on the movie, light cycle pun intended. Its a glorious digital visual treat, with a gorgeous and stunning world portrayed on screen. It’s fast paced and will have you sucked into the digital world. The sound track really works well too. It is a movie that you should definitely get into the cinema’s to watch. 126 minutes whizzed by.

TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy

I recently attended the TRON Night at the BFI IMAX last month & it revealed some more of the real world scenes and a few of the Grid scenes, basically taking the trailer and showing more of those scenes, without spoling too much. It left me optimistic and excited. Yet I am finding it hard now, not to notice flaws in the whole thing after seeing it in its entirety .

I watched the presentation in Dolby 3D, which I find doesn’t work as the best digital 3D system out there. I much prefer RealD as a 3D delivery system.

I’ve seen 3 trailer / teaser previews of this movie so far in 3D – in RealD & IMAX 3D – I was absolutely blown away by the 3D effects in the RealD 10 min preview I saw. And the IMAX was pretty good. The whole movie preview in Dolby 3D didn’t come close. I was in a prime position, but its a massive theatre. The size of a cinema screen and your position within that can have a huge effect on the 3D experience. (always sit middle and towards the middle to back of an auditorium).

There were some very interesting 3D moments during the film, but feel that there was too much of a safe call on a lot of the shots, this could be down to that face that I wear glasses and I don’t think Dolby 3D works best for us. Yet it could have been filmed this way, or perhaps it was a judgement call on the final edit. The 3D aspect aside, the visual texture is stunning and superb, and is certainly something special. I would see the movie just for this alone.

LIght Cycle Concept

LIght Cycle Concept

The light cycle & disk battle scenes are truly amazing, in terms of choreography and lighting, the effects just ooze sexiness. But I wanted and expected more out of it.

Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde both stood out particularly for me and should be especially proud of the work they put in to the movie. On  whole the whole TRON team have created a very special movie indeed.

I’ve felt a little let down though that it fails to reach the OMG – WOW status. It certainly came close. Some poor editing choices and a couple of very confusing moments in the storyline, that could have been easily resolved with some extra dialogue OR more careful editing. I read the prequel comics and it explains a huge amount. But some quick edits and assumptions are made during the film, that leaves you thinking …. huh? I don’t think a majority of people will be this critical of the movie, but I do wonder, people get paid to make sure these get ironed out.

There are key moments during this film where the script looses its way, now, this could have been lost in the editing room. Its hard to say. But its these little things that make the difference between good and great.

Daft Punk’s soundtrack added a huge element to the movie and is pretty darn hot. There is so much that I actually do love about this movie, but the euphoria I should be feeling seems to have got lost in the postal system somewhere, that feeling like you’ve lost something. What happened ? It’s hard to tell who makes the calls and shots on big budget movies like this. Needless to say, it will do well, the merch will sell and I will go and see it again. Their job is done. But it should have blasted the bits out of me on all levels. Maybe too much emotion on the Users and not enough spent on the Programs perhaps.. who knows. Maybe a directors cut DVD/Blu ray might surface and patch the bug, but the gridbugs seem to have run amok somehow.


TRON: Legacy Film Still

TRON: Legacy was a fun ride to be had by TRON fans and newbies alike. You should definitely carve out some time to go and see this in 3D, but it, only just, fails to shine brighter than the amazing lightcycle jets do.

But in the words of Marty McFly “You’re Kids are gonna love it”

TRON fragmentation detected ….