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TRON Blu Ray Ayoh

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It seems like the wait is over. Finally the disappearance of the old Tron Classic DVD seems to be over. A Remastered High Definition Blu Ray release is imminenet (April 2011) – along with a slew of TRON: Legacy bundles.

The marketing here as usual is out there to tempt and to confuse the public. There are so many different packages.

Tron Legacy (3D Blu-ray + 2D Blu-ray) w/ Digital Copy
TRON 2D Blu Ray/TRON Original Blu Ray
Tron Legacy (Blu-ray + DVD) [2010]

And i’ve also seen a Special Collectors Cube Box set that contains the Comic Prequel and some other collectibles.

I love the idea of the Double/Triple Play sets, you get the High Def & the Standard Definition versions, the ultimate flexibility. However, it looks like i may well get the Double Pack purely to get my hands on the TRON in High Definition, for the cost of a sale price Blu Ray at £17 you can’t go too far wrong. Even though Legacy isn’t ever going to be a cult classic. It set a benchmark in pushing the SFX envelope.

Also it seems to also be an interesting shift in promoting 3D Blu Rays whilst not penalising those who haven’t upgraded. There has to be a stronger system of releasing 3D titles to the public, and this might see the start of a new trend. Tying 3D discs to hardware manufacturers sucks, and is outright stupid for takeup of a new technology. The second issue is, we need strong titles and better 3D movies being made. However TRON wasn’t bad in 3D, although it probably needed to be seen in an IMAX to get the true/full potential of its use. Perhaps some lessons can be learnt here.

TRON: Legacy & the original TRON can be pre-ordered via Amazon/Play/HMV now.

TRON: Legacy – Review

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

This is a pretty spoiler-free review.

It’s been 22years since a movie that came from Disney inspired me at the possibilities that computing technology held for the future, not just in movies, but in the “Real World” too. That movie was of course TRON.

TRON: Legacy (the sequel to the original 1982 Cult classic) In Cinemas December 17 in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. It’s also generated quite a bit of buzz around itself.

Ever since the concept clip leaked at ComicCon a couple of years ago, the world gasped and held a breath in anticipation. It was going to be in 3D too, then we heard Daft Punk were attached. wow.

There is a lot riding on the movie, light cycle pun intended. Its a glorious digital visual treat, with a gorgeous and stunning world portrayed on screen. It’s fast paced and will have you sucked into the digital world. The sound track really works well too. It is a movie that you should definitely get into the cinema’s to watch. 126 minutes whizzed by.

TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy

I recently attended the TRON Night at the BFI IMAX last month & it revealed some more of the real world scenes and a few of the Grid scenes, basically taking the trailer and showing more of those scenes, without spoling too much. It left me optimistic and excited. Yet I am finding it hard now, not to notice flaws in the whole thing after seeing it in its entirety .

I watched the presentation in Dolby 3D, which I find doesn’t work as the best digital 3D system out there. I much prefer RealD as a 3D delivery system.

I’ve seen 3 trailer / teaser previews of this movie so far in 3D – in RealD & IMAX 3D – I was absolutely blown away by the 3D effects in the RealD 10 min preview I saw. And the IMAX was pretty good. The whole movie preview in Dolby 3D didn’t come close. I was in a prime position, but its a massive theatre. The size of a cinema screen and your position within that can have a huge effect on the 3D experience. (always sit middle and towards the middle to back of an auditorium).

There were some very interesting 3D moments during the film, but feel that there was too much of a safe call on a lot of the shots, this could be down to that face that I wear glasses and I don’t think Dolby 3D works best for us. Yet it could have been filmed this way, or perhaps it was a judgement call on the final edit. The 3D aspect aside, the visual texture is stunning and superb, and is certainly something special. I would see the movie just for this alone.

LIght Cycle Concept

LIght Cycle Concept

The light cycle & disk battle scenes are truly amazing, in terms of choreography and lighting, the effects just ooze sexiness. But I wanted and expected more out of it.

Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde both stood out particularly for me and should be especially proud of the work they put in to the movie. On  whole the whole TRON team have created a very special movie indeed.

I’ve felt a little let down though that it fails to reach the OMG – WOW status. It certainly came close. Some poor editing choices and a couple of very confusing moments in the storyline, that could have been easily resolved with some extra dialogue OR more careful editing. I read the prequel comics and it explains a huge amount. But some quick edits and assumptions are made during the film, that leaves you thinking …. huh? I don’t think a majority of people will be this critical of the movie, but I do wonder, people get paid to make sure these get ironed out.

There are key moments during this film where the script looses its way, now, this could have been lost in the editing room. Its hard to say. But its these little things that make the difference between good and great.

Daft Punk’s soundtrack added a huge element to the movie and is pretty darn hot. There is so much that I actually do love about this movie, but the euphoria I should be feeling seems to have got lost in the postal system somewhere, that feeling like you’ve lost something. What happened ? It’s hard to tell who makes the calls and shots on big budget movies like this. Needless to say, it will do well, the merch will sell and I will go and see it again. Their job is done. But it should have blasted the bits out of me on all levels. Maybe too much emotion on the Users and not enough spent on the Programs perhaps.. who knows. Maybe a directors cut DVD/Blu ray might surface and patch the bug, but the gridbugs seem to have run amok somehow.


TRON: Legacy Film Still

TRON: Legacy was a fun ride to be had by TRON fans and newbies alike. You should definitely carve out some time to go and see this in 3D, but it, only just, fails to shine brighter than the amazing lightcycle jets do.

But in the words of Marty McFly “You’re Kids are gonna love it”

TRON fragmentation detected ….



Radio Free Albemuth – Philip K Dick

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I just posted a tweet about this movie on twitter:

Its true, I was lucky enough to see a preview of this movie earlier this year at Sci-Fi-London, and it is my most favourite PKD treatment to date. Every PKD fan should see this film.

I’ve read Valis, but not the original RFA or the follow ups to Valis, but that won’t stop you getting immersed in this movie. If you like all things PKD, you will love this.

When I heard that Radio Free Albemuth was being screened at SFL – it was at the top of my “to see” list. I wasn’t disappointed. And am very appreciative of the whole team bringing this personal PKD script to the world. I had meant to blog about it, but never got round to it.

Here are some links of interest:

Radio-Free-Albemuth on Facebook

Kick-Ass Eueopean Premiere

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

There is usually a great big buzz surrounding any movie, never mind a comic book movie. It seems the most common virals and trailers build up months and months in advance, designed to keep rabid fans eager but satisfied. Kick-Ass the movie just feels different in so many ways. Only last week we saw a mature rated trailer released to show fans it’s fans that the currently released trailers were “cleaned up” for public consumption, full of profanities and “themes of a violent nature” it suggested that this movie, would be no ordinary one. , the Kick-Ass movie website is full of flash deluxe activity too.

And it just so happens that I managed to score 2 fan tickets to the european premiere !

Premieres in London generally attract a lot of attention, but as Brad Pitt was rumoured to be showing… Also due to 200+ fans being treated to be some of the first to see this movie alongside the creators, actors and other movie industry bods, made this an extra special evening.

Still, the fans had to earn their tickets.

Roll back the clocks 32 hours and take a trip down Shafstbury Avenue, London… and you would see comic book geeks/nerds running round the back of the store queueing up to get into Forbidden Planet to meet the co-creators of Kick-Ass.

Having been informed that the first 75 through the door would get a pair of tickets to the premiere. A genius marketing move and a nod in the direction of the hardcore fans that have given the comic book into it’s cult status. Also guaranteed that the most ardent Kick-Ass fans would show ! Some even camped out overnight.

My Kick-Ass Journey – Sunday 21st March 2010

I headed down to the store early on Sunday, but nature called and I had to go seeking, by the time I returned to the back of the store the queue had grown, and this nervous feeling in my gut began to grow, after 3.5 hours of waiting and being made to watch the team managing the ticket allocation up ahead, it felt like I was going to miss out. But as luck would have it, a clipboard was passed to me, and i was second to last to be given the opportunity, there being only one more sheet of paper underneath my one.

Mark Millar & John Romita Jr - Signing [3D]

It seems the production team increased the allocation from 75 to 103! I got to get my first issue of Kick-Ass signed and grab a couple of stereo (3d) image of the co-conspirators.

Showtime – Monday 22nd March 2010

Rushing down from Reading, in record time, I got to the pick up point after 6pm – so all the decent tickets had gone, but hey … I’ve now seen the most bad-ass insanely funny and entertaining film that has happenned to cross my eyeballs in a very long time. Even though I was right at the front and off to the side (C8) at the huge Empire Leicester Square theatre, not the easiest and most enjoyable way to experience a movie. Never the less, the movie made me and the audience laugh hard, whoop and clap. Be warned, there is extreme violence and swearing throughout the film. I think the movie may in itself become a cult classic  just as the comic book has.

I took the opportunity to grab some 3D shots on the red carpet – and here is a video of Mark and John being interviewed at the same time:

Half way through the clip above you see me take the picture below, using a canon Stereo Data Maker 3D digital camera rig – I wasn’t really prepared for shooting 3D so there isn’t much flash power in the shot below. But its still in 3D – grab your red/cyan specs.

Kick-Ass Premiere Red Carpet [3D]

Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Chloe Moretz face European Premiere AudienceBeing treated to the red carpet, kick-ass girls and the red mist mobile, had Leicester Square me and 200 other fans all  buzzed up with energy. I only recognised Edgar Wright, whom I had to squeeze past in the foyer of Empire to get into the screen. I always forget how big a screen Empire 1 is … so we were treated to an intro by Director, Matthew Vaughn and Actors, Mark Strong, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz – who all stood in front of the audience to massive applause.

I will admit that I’m a comic book fan, not only of Kick-Ass’ 8 issue comic series, but also of writer, Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr., both co-creators of Kick-Ass.

Find out more about their work and some of their popular titles: Chosen, Wanted, The Amazing Spider Man and World War Hulk to name a few.

This movie has surpassed my expectations, but a movie is always fresher, more exciting when you’re amongst fans, so go with friends, don’t look for anything serious and if you’re easily offended, don’t complain afterwards. The movie stands up to the comic in so many ways and avoids the trappings if having to run back stories and characters yada yada…. Kick-Ass is simple, funny and bloody and it’s got no baggage attached!

With no power, comes no responsibility .. you’ve got nothing to loose, go see it.

Kick-Ass is on General release from 26th March 2010, check you’re local cinema listings.