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TRON Blu Ray Ayoh

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It seems like the wait is over. Finally the disappearance of the old Tron Classic DVD seems to be over. A Remastered High Definition Blu Ray release is imminenet (April 2011) – along with a slew of TRON: Legacy bundles.

The marketing here as usual is out there to tempt and to confuse the public. There are so many different packages.

Tron Legacy (3D Blu-ray + 2D Blu-ray) w/ Digital Copy
TRON 2D Blu Ray/TRON Original Blu Ray
Tron Legacy (Blu-ray + DVD) [2010]

And i’ve also seen a Special Collectors Cube Box set that contains the Comic Prequel and some other collectibles.

I love the idea of the Double/Triple Play sets, you get the High Def & the Standard Definition versions, the ultimate flexibility. However, it looks like i may well get the Double Pack purely to get my hands on the TRON in High Definition, for the cost of a sale price Blu Ray at £17 you can’t go too far wrong. Even though Legacy isn’t ever going to be a cult classic. It set a benchmark in pushing the SFX envelope.

Also it seems to also be an interesting shift in promoting 3D Blu Rays whilst not penalising those who haven’t upgraded. There has to be a stronger system of releasing 3D titles to the public, and this might see the start of a new trend. Tying 3D discs to hardware manufacturers sucks, and is outright stupid for takeup of a new technology. The second issue is, we need strong titles and better 3D movies being made. However TRON wasn’t bad in 3D, although it probably needed to be seen in an IMAX to get the true/full potential of its use. Perhaps some lessons can be learnt here.

TRON: Legacy & the original TRON can be pre-ordered via Amazon/Play/HMV now.