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Kapow! Comic Con 2011

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I’ve never been to a Comic Con before, i’ve seen youtube clips and heard the buzz about them, but this year was the first time i’ve ever attended one. All thanks to Kapow! 9th -10th April 2011 . Set in the heart of North London – I bought my ticket months in advance and was treated to a wealth of costumes, independent artists, signings and a great atmosphere.

I only managed to attend one panel, and although it was a wonderful experience, I was let down by the endless queuing and regular disappointment of not getting in to an event. Regardless of spending huge amounts of time in the queue. Twitter kept me amused and there were lots of new friends made.

I will definitely be going next year.

I went armed with my Fuji W3 – 3D camera and have uploaded a large amount of pics to flickr already.

Having already started the upload process of the images to flickr on the Saturday night of this 2 day Con, I noticed a HUGE amount of interest in it from the states, hence, my flickr view stats spiked from the usual 100’s/day into a 6k+/day over the period of the conference! Which is mind-blowing!

Following the twitter hashtags and streams for the event is a mist for me and on the morning of sthe second day I offered @johnfreeman_dtb to use my pics from flickr in his blog post:

Here were the main highlights of the con for me:

Indie Releases

Independent Comic book artists with innovative use of music and  Eternal Descent Volume 1

Eternal Descent Booth at Kapow! Marshall and EMG Guitars

Eternal Descent Booth at Kapow! Marshall Amps and ESP Guitars


Artist Destiny Blue was offering Chibi sketches, and I loved the idea of having a little crazy character of myself sketched, I asked her if she would mind doing a larger version and one in colour, so she went ahead and took some pictures of me as a reference and promised to post it on later once completed. I am in love with the result :)

Chibi sketch of Ket by Destiny Blue

Chibi sketch of Ket by Destiny Blue


I queued for hours to get my copy of Batman: The Killing Joke (Deluxe Edition) signed by artist Brian Bolland, but it was worth it. This was my main mission attending the con, i didn’t bring any other titles with me, as I was a noob and I really didn’t want to cart too much down to London with me, something I intend to remedy next time, I wish I had chosen some choice titles in my collection now.

Brian Bolland Signing my copy of Batman The Killing Joke

Brian Bolland Signing my copy of Batman The Killing Joke

Kid getting his book signing

Kid getting his book signing


Of course there were an insane number of cosplayers out in force and made the day much more interesting: This next image was shot on my 3D camera and processed to be seen with Red/Cyan glasses.

Black Cat + Wormwood

Black Cat + Wormwood

Joker and Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley Quinn

Thoroughly enjoyable day out, except for one american artist who acted like a egomaniacal jerk when I said hello and complemented him on his artwork. Hey just a tiny drop in the ocean compared to all the awesome, cool and fun people I met that day. Roll on next year.

Movember Madness

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

So over the past couple of years, i’ve known acquaintances to take part in the facial hair male health fundraising social media month long marathon of… growing a moustache. Yes its called “Movemeber” and it its aim is to raise funds and awareness surrounding male health, primarily focussed on prostate and testicular cancer. And each year, I miss the 1st Nov start date, so this year round, here I am fully awake, aware and ready to contribute.

It made more sense for there to be some form of community around this, so I started a team “Reading Geeks” and blasted a note out on twitter for people to join, so.. we have 3 members in our team – (please donate to the team or us individually).

My first day, clean shaven.

My first day, clean shaven.

I think the initiatives are good, and through a sens of fun we can help raise some deeper awareness, I am a little apprehensive about growing a moustache as I’ve never, in all my years on this rock, grown a tash! So this is most definitely a new experience.

I’m planning on recording a still ata least 2-3 times a day in the effort of timelapsing the process. Key question is what kind of tash do you think will work for me , Dali, Western, Handlebars … open to suggestions.

Please leave a  comment or @ me on twitter (@ketan).