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Lots of knowledge share at #Indiewebcamp

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

A lot of sharing on posting content to personal sites, this afternoon. So far,  as personal demos from indie web creators expand our minds, I have setup a pubsubhubub (try saying that when you’ve had a few) tag on this blog, hopefully this will allow ‘people’ to get updates from posted content in timely fashion.

As I’m also using googles pubsub server, i’m hoping this goes down well in SEO and search engine visibility.

I am in awe of the brain-share in this room.

Thank you Brighton!


Titanium Mobile Tip 1

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Android Development Tip – for Titanium Mobile Developers.

This is, what I guess will be, the first of many byte-sized tips, tricks, hints, whatever you want to call it, that can help speed up and optimise Titanium Mobile development. I will most likely post these up as and when I come across them, in the hope they will be of use.

When working with the android emulator and a device, you may be testing on both simultaneously. If, like me, you jump between command line and Titanium Studio you may find it easy to build for emulator via the command line or create builds with unit tests in mind (eg. jasmine-titanium / jasmine-node).

In this case you can easily install the apk to your device using the command:

adb -d install -r /path/to/app.apk

Quite often, Studio will not be able to do this as it sees more than one device. the “-d” flag will look for an attached device connected via USB.

London Titanium oAuth Presentation

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I spoke at the London Titanium Meetup last month on how you can incorporate and build a Twitter app using oAuth libraries into a Titanium Mobile project.

The talk  went well and I’m sharing the slides with you here:

In search of THE twitter protocol to RULE them all

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Here I am at the first WarbleCamp (a barcamp style twitter unconference) in the heart of the Guardian’s offices in Kings Cross.


I’ve always been interested in protocols and find them really coool, useful & helpful. So for my first warblecamp session I decided to call out for a discussion on creating a twitter:// protocol – why do I see this as important, and what does it mean ?


Here is my use case for how a standard twitter protocol would work. A web page would have a link embedded within the HTML such as an @username or a call to action page which might be a petition site wanting you to tweet a link with a fixed hashtag.

The normal flow of events are that the link would POST the message to ; firstly you would be required to authenticate on and then you would be forwarded on to your twitter page, with the message appearing in the posting box.

A pre-requisite in this would be to encode the message in the url which would take on the form :<encoded message>

Wouldn’t it be great IF – there was one single twitter:// protocol that would communicate with an application on my computer, that i’ve already authenticated and i’m happy/comfortable using.

This would mean app developers would need to adopt the protocol with their own apps behaviour, but it woud allow all kinds of interaction with clients and quick / easy interaction with twitter platform, not matter if you are on a desktop or a mobile.

Here is a quick flow of how I think it might work.


The biggest challenge I believe is at step 3 where the user has to set / select which registered application to use, could this be a system preference, could it be sniffed out with javascript, the user needs control over it, but it would/should act a bit like browser selectors, maybe its all driven via something like @anywhere and the choice of apps are shown via javascript links … lots of ideas and questions, but I’d like app developers and twitter developers interested in seeing this happen to engage in a conversation to see if we can make this happen.

Message me on twitter @ketan to continue this discussion OR reply to the post below, and lets see if we can make this happen. I will expand some further ideas on the flow above in a future post.

Thanks @raffi for talking through this idea with me at WarbleCamp this morning !